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Dr. Wade Is the Official Posture Expert:
Parma Panthers – Pro Football
Parma Pro Baseball
Parma Pro Women’s Basketball

Dr. Mark Wade Dr. Mark Wade
American Posture Institute.

Dr. Wade’s 7 National Championships:
Parma Panthers Pro Football: 5 Times: 2010 – 2013, 2015,
Division C Soccer: 2014
Flag Football Under 21: 2014

Dr. Mark Wade Dr. Mark Wade
American Posture Institute.

Dr. Wade Has Worked With Individuals From:
Parma Pro Volleyball
Parma Pro Boxing
MMA Fight Factory
Dinamo Mens Pro Basketball
Womens Pro Softball
Zebra National Rugby

Dr. Mark Wade Dr. Mark Wade
American Posture Institute.

Dr. Mark Wade, D.C., DrPH, CPEP, CPE

Dr. Wade has a passion for posture and health that has driven him to become one of the best Postural Practitioner in the world. Dr. Wade values the importance of increasing knowledge and advancing his ability to help others. Having graduated with dual degrees in chemistry and biology, he then raised his education to the highest level, by becoming a Doctor in Chiropractic. From this point forward as a chiropractic physician Dr. Wade has obtained a PhD in Public Health, establishing him as one of the few Postural Practitioners in the world to obtain this. Having a vast level of knowledge and experience Dr. Wade honed his skills specifically through many levels of postural specializations such as: Certified Postural Exercise Professional, Certified Postural Expert, Certified Functional Patterns Practitioner as well as becoming a Posturologist.

Dr. Wade is the creator of the internationally renown posture programs, 12 Weeks To Better Posture™ and FITPosture™ as well as the developer of the CPC (Complete Posture Correction™) Protocol. Clinically Dr. Wade has worked with professional athletes and sports teams in every major sports arena and has served as the official Postural Practitioner for the 4 Time National Champions – Parma Panthers. He has become widely known for his ability to help individual athletes and teams perform at their maximum potential. In addition to his clinical work Dr. Wade also trains other health professionals to become postural experts, and helped develop what is considered the best postural certification program in the world.

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